About Us

Kodagu, also known by its anglicized former name of Coorg, is an extremely picturesque, beautiful hill station, known to the world for its exotic honey, aromatic Coffee, and succulent oranges & spices.

This fertile blessed land is dubbed as 'Scotland of India'. It is home to the proud race of Kodavas or Coorgs who are renowned for their military prowess, legendary hospitality & equally for their determination and will power to succeed. The strong & brave martial race of coorgs resonate this tradition and are proud of their distinct inimitable culture.

This blend of freshness, purity & aesthetics is what personifies Coorg & two dynamic entrepreneurs having indigenously inherited the soul of Coorg, have stirred mystique into the viscous richness of NECTAR FRESH.

The dream of processing & marketing the purest honey developed from the roots, which has evolved into a passion, made Chayaa Nanjappa, a women entrepreneur, launch NECTAR FRESH. This brand name has today created a niche in the world of honey & portion packs of preserves, natural jams & sauces. It has also made its enviable presence felt in the export market.

To scale and speed up it's growth and increasing vast canvas of it's offering, it was imperative that NECTAR FRESH brings on board an equally passionate personality as partner and this culminated in the joining of Mr. Rajappa, a well known Coorg personal from Mysore, with vast & successful experience in plantations and retailing.

Thanks to this entrepreneurial synergy, NECTAR FRESH has today reached enviable newer heights by growing multi-fold and is confident of meeting the challenges of exponential growth in future.

The expansion to major overseas market & diversification to natural jams, sauces & pre-mixes of Coffee & Tea, are standing testimony to the ability of NECTAR FRESH to 'dare to dream' .

The two enterprising entrepreneurs from Coorg with their determination & hard work are passionately committed to make NECTAR FRESH reaching out to the consumer's taste buds.

Their quest for quality keeps kindling a burning desire, appetite and aspiration to make consuming NECTAR FRESH products a pleasurable and healthy experience to consumers across the globe..


NECTAR FRESH has come up with the healthy gifting options for the first time in India - Propylene Blisters Packaging of Honey, Orange marmalade, mixed fruit and Strawberry jams. More Details

NECTAR FRESH is looking forward to launch exclusive and unique bottles of natural Honey & Exotic Coffee in innovative packaging for Corporate gifting options. We are open to customize packing for all occasions. More Details